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Andy and Jen’s Wedding

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get this post up here.  I had the incredible privilege of traveling to Pennsylvania a full two and a half years ago now, to photograph my cousin’s wedding.  Andy and Jen got married in the beautiful Ford Chapel at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA.  It was a beautiful September day in a gorgeous setting with a delightful and adventurous couple, which all came together to create a very memorable day. […]

Brandon and Vanessa

I have fallen way behind on blogging here, so I will be attempting to catch up with a series of posts from shoots since I moved to El Paso a few years ago now. To kick it off, here is a set of photos of Brandon and Vanessa and their beautiful family.  We shared a beautiful afternoon together on El Paso’s west side and here are the highlights from that shoot.

Street scene from Dhaka Bangladesh


    It has been too long since I updated my blog, but now I have a reason to forge ahead and get something up here.  The motivation today is another international trip.  Back in April I spent a little time in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Tomorrow I am flying back to Dhaka, and I wanted to post a set of photos from my last trip before I go again.  My travels to Bangladesh are not all fun and games.  I am […]

Krissy Quinceanera

In July I met Krissy and her parents in downtown El Paso and we shot some portraits in preparation for Krissy’s Quinceanera in September.  All the best to you, Krissy!  

Daniel and Hallie Wedding

This was my first wedding here in El Paso. Daniel and Hallie got married at the El Paso Suites Hotel and had a reception that lasted well into the night. Everyone had a great time and I had fun capturing the joyous event. I particularly enjoyed the groom’s “cake”. Anyone that has a tower of donuts at their wedding is awesome!                        

Eric and Marissa Wedding

I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Eric and Marissa in Salem, Oregon last June. I had made plans to be at their wedding while I was living near Salem and expecting to stay in the area. Then I unexpectedly moved away to El Paso in March, but I made sure I was able to get back to Oregon for this wedding and it was so worth it. Eric and Marissa are such a great couple, their […]

A New Home In El Paso, Texas

Well, I have moved again. Less than a year ago I took my family and marched north out of Los Angeles to greener pastures near Salem Oregon. And after a short stay there we have loaded up the wagons, left the rainy climate of the Northwest and settled down in the desert of West Texas. El Paso to be precise. The move was brought about by a job offer. I have gone back into engineering, this time for an organization […]

Turning 90

Last month my wife’s Grandma turned 90 and she brought the whole family together for a little reunion and birthday party. We had a great time seeing everyone and celebrating together. Grammie G, as the kids call their Great Grandma lives in a nice retirement community, and we had dinner together in their very nice dining room. The kids all did a tremendous job acting appropriately for the place and it was fun to watch the transformation. Here is Moses […]

Don and Kim Dyer Lyons Oregon Wedding

Don and Kim’s Wedding

Don and Kim were married at the end of December at the church we attend here in Lyons, and I got to follow them around and record the events of the day. I really enjoyed the time I spent with the couple and their families as we celebrated the beginning of their marriage. My sister Shannon happened to be visiting at the same time, so we had our first wedding shoot together and it was a lot of fun partnering […]

Andrew Nystrom and Ashley Hoppe Engagement Photo at Marion Creek near Salem Oregon

Andrew and Ashley Engagement

I had a great engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago. My brother Andrew and sister Shannon came out from Texas to spend Christmas with us here in Lyons. Andrew’s fiancé Ashley came out to join us few days as well. Since they live in Texas, we hadn’t had a chance to meet Ashley until this visit, and we had a great time getting to know her. On one of our days together we took a trip up to Marion […]