We Have Moved to Oregon

I have moved north and I am no longer in the LA area. I am now in Lyons, Oregon and I am available in Salem and the surrounding area for anyone looking for a wedding or casual portrait photographer. It is great to be here and I look forward to many opportunities to serve the communities of Eastern Oregon in the years to come! As I get settled in here I don’t have any of my typical photos to blog now (although I do have some travel posts in the works). I did go to the local rodeo here in the Santiam canyon last week though and I have a few photos from that event to share with you. So enjoy these photos from the Santiam Canyon Stampede. I would recommend listening to a little Chris LeDoux along with this post.

Cowboy at a rodeo chasing down a calf to rope it

Cowboy at a rodeo sits on his horse after attempting to rope a calf

Cowboy at a rodeo on his horse roping a calf

A saddle bronc rider at a rodeo holds on tight as his horse launches out of the chute

A saddle bronc rider at a rodeo is in good shape to finish his eight second ride

Saddle bonc rider at a rodeo holds on tight as his horse tries to buck him off

Saddle bronc rider at a rodeo gets thrown from his horse


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