Fall Color at Marion Lake

Three Fingered Jack over Marion Lake at first light

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 4 am. I rolled out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my backpack and hopped in my car. I was headed to pick up Jake, a friend from here in Lyons, to go for a hike to Marion Lake. Jake is a great photographer and an avid outdoorsman, so it was really a great delight to spend the day in his company, hiking through the wilderness and photographing the beginnings of fall color at the lake. The early start got us up to Marion Lake before the sun came up, so we were able to catch the first light of the day. Then we stayed around for most of the morning, catching the light that filtered through the reds and oranges of the Vine Maples along the shore of the lake. On our way out we stopped at Gooch falls, an impressive waterfall that is not far from the road. The trail is short and easy, but it is not a well established trail and the end of the trail is a small, slick spot on the edge of a cliff, so it is not a place I will be taking the kids any time soon. Here are a few of the photos from the day. As with all of my landscape photos, you can purchase a variety of printed products on my gallery page.

Vine Maple trees on the edge of Marion Lake showing fall colors

Reflections in Marion Lake

Red Vine Maple Leaves at Marion Lake

Gooch Falls and Fall Color at Marion Lake

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