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Brandon and Vanessa

I have fallen way behind on blogging here, so I will be attempting to catch up with a series of posts from shoots since I moved to El Paso a few years ago now. To kick it off, here is a set of photos of Brandon and Vanessa and their beautiful family.  We shared a beautiful afternoon together on El Paso’s west side and here are the highlights from that shoot.

Krissy Quinceanera

In July I met Krissy and her parents in downtown El Paso and we shot some portraits in preparation for Krissy’s Quinceanera in September.  All the best to you, Krissy!  

A New Home In El Paso, Texas

Well, I have moved again. Less than a year ago I took my family and marched north out of Los Angeles to greener pastures near Salem Oregon. And after a short stay there we have loaded up the wagons, left the rainy climate of the Northwest and settled down in the desert of West Texas. El Paso to be precise. The move was brought about by a job offer. I have gone back into engineering, this time for an organization […]

Turning 90

Last month my wife’s Grandma turned 90 and she brought the whole family together for a little reunion and birthday party. We had a great time seeing everyone and celebrating together. Grammie G, as the kids call their Great Grandma lives in a nice retirement community, and we had dinner together in their very nice dining room. The kids all did a tremendous job acting appropriately for the place and it was fun to watch the transformation. Here is Moses […]

Little Monk

Last week we went for a hike at the North Santiam park. At the end of the trail we played around the river’s edge. There was a calm pool of water that the kids had fun splashing in, and not surprisingly, some of that splashing was done head first. When the fun was over I carried Malachi back to the car and got him out of his wet clothes. Of course we hadn’t planned for the kids to get wet, […]

Family Photos

A friend of mine here in Lyons recently told me she was disappointed that I don’t have photos of my own kids on my website. Surely I must have plenty of good photos of them, she reasoned, so where are they? Well, I do have quite a lot of photos of Alethia and Malachi, so I thought I’d go through my catalog and pull out a few favorites from the year. Some are from California and others were taken after […]

Young girl in Stayton Oregon plays at the edge of a corn field

Daniel and Sara Family Portraits in Stayton

I met up with Daniel and Sara at their house in Stayton and we drove out to the family farm for our portrait session. We spent some time in the corn field, some more in the beans, and we finished the day at the railroad crossing on the way back to town. While we were in the corn field, a bird followed us around everywhere. Daniel named the bird Leroy, and you can see his portrait below as well. I […]

Gabel Family Reunion in Albany

Last weekend I drove down to Albany to photograph the Gabel family reunion. We have gotten to know Jeremy and Katie over the past several weeks since we moved to the area, and it was a real pleasure to meet some more of their family. Every summer the family gathers at the old family farm, and I had the pleasure of spending one beautiful afternoon with them. Here are a few of the images from our time together.  

Portrait of Shary Barton in Lyons Oregon

Portrait of Shary in Lyons Oregon

  Shary is my mother-in-law. My wife’s parents have been very generous in helping us to move into the area here, so I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lee and Shary.

Shawn and Liliana Family Portraits

A couple years ago I photographed Shawn and Liliana’s wedding, and a few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing their newest family member – little Juliette. I had a great time hanging out with the family and capturing these images. Enjoy!